A Film Fiesta

Posted by khrishan on 2015-12-13

Good evening all, hope we are all well today.

As you will have probably guessed from the header of this post, I have watched so many films this weekend. (Well actually, I've watched 4 - which may not be a lot to most, but it's a lot for for someone who never watches films).

This weekends films included Wolf of Wall Street (which I talked about yesterday), Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and Toy Story 1 and 2.

Pirates of the Caribbean is actually pretty good, there were a few times I was getting lost in the story (probably because I was occasionally flicking my eyes away from the screen), but as with most films, the plot always works out, Elizabeth gets saved, gets with William and Jack Sparrow gets his boat (#spoiler alert)... I would argue it's not a film series where I'm 'dying' to watch the second one, but I will watch it willingly ;)

The Toy Story films were on TV (you know, Christmas films and all that) and watching them was so nostalgic... I remember watching Toy Story 2 in the cinema... It was the first time I sat in one of the side seats in the cinema cause it was so packed! Can't wait to see what other Christmas films are out there ready to be seen. It's not Christmas without a bit of Elf :)

Today was a slow day, stayed at home and worked more on the site - working on the login section of the site. When I'm done working on this section, I should be able to log in on khrishan.co.uk and type my blog post on there and it will upload by itself... That's the plan anyway. At the moment it's me typing the raw HTML in... It's only a temporary measure at the moment #watchThisSpace.

I also went to my cousins' house (the ones I rarely see) to give my condolences for a loss in their family. It really reminded me how lucky we are to be on this planet... And to make every bit of it count...

So that leaves the journey back to Reading, which is always crazy! I understand why they do rail works on a Sunday but it's so annoying when everyone is bickering over seats / reservations / sitting next to someone who smells etc. Also, only being 4 carriages long meant it was extremely packed in the train (thank god I reserved my seat)

Anyway, this journey involves a bit by bus, which is never good and adds another hour to my journey... I can't wait till I get a car... #FREEDOM

Currently, I'm on the last leg (#greatShow) on my journey, the slow train to Reading from Oxford... Under all of the above circumstances, I think the journey has been okay (hopefully I haven't jinxed it by saying that)

If this blog makes it onto the site, it's a sign to say I've made it back to the house okay... I'm feel like watching Karate Kid/Scarface tonight... I'll decide when I get in...

Having scrolled up and seeing how long this post is so far, I better end it there... I know no one is reading these posts yet (or ever) but I feel better for writing them and the whole website project...

Until next time, have a good night :) Peace