2nd XI vs Milford Hall

Posted by khrishan on 2016-05-21

Back with the cricket blogs this week and this week I was back with the 2nds, away against Milford Hall - a very strong team.

Unlike the culture in most clubs, I was happy to be dropped into the 2s - not because I’m against any sort of regime but just so I can keep. I am a wicketkeeper after all and not keeping every week is annoying.

Got to Milford Hall CC and was met with a beautiful outfield and a rock hard track which had a tinge of green on it. Once you got past the new ball, the game would be open - 250 track.

(Amazingly) We won the toss and chose to field. Against a strong team like Milford were, any form of draw would be a great result. In addition to this, rain was in the air - which was a bonus for us.

We started in sun and we bowled (in the most parts) really really well. Our main opener (Kaiser), bowled extremely well with no reward. They got to 242 but what I would say about the team and the performance would be - our bowling could be smarter and our fielding should be miles better.

Bowling - although we bowled well in the most parts - there were too many full tosses, short balls, length balls that the batsman could just cart away. As a batsman, if the bowler isn’t giving you any ‘free hits’ as they were, you struggle to find your next run - you eat up balls and force the batsman to make mistakes. Our bowlers were going for wickets - rather than building the pressure that would get us wickets.

Fielding was bad. We gave them 30+ runs in the field through diving over the ball, not walking in, fielding positions etc.

As Sods Law proved, it started to rain - just as we finished bowling our 50 overs… and we never got back on. It rained, rained and rained… shame - I thought 250 was a good score - but the track was good too - so would have been a good chase. Also, I was batting at 4…

I was really really good being back in the 2s. Win/Lose/Draw they always have a laugh and take the mic out of anyone/everyone. It was the first they heard of me and my breakup - and I was getting the ‘usual Wednesbury 2s sympathy’ (of getting the mic taken out of for it) - but it was all in good spirits and hopefully there will be many more games for the 2s to come.