2019 Resolutions

Posted by khrishan on 2020-01-20

2019 Resolutions

People over estimate what they can do in a week, but under estimate what they can do in a year.

So this post is very late, much later than I intended for it to be posted. My bad!

Resolutions are weird things. Every year we set them, are committed to completing them in the first month but then something happens to de-rail our progress.

However, with all the self help books that I've been reading, I believe that I have learnt a few tricks that could help me out in achieving a lot of my goals.

One of the big tricks is to create a contract with yourself.1 By creating a contract, studies have shown that you are more likely to complete the task in question.

So in 2019, I have written this 'contract':

Let me tell you the rules.

The top 5 items on this contract are what I would consider the most important things that I want to achieve in 2019 - what I would consider a must. For that very reason, for everyone of these 5 that I do not complete, I must donate £10 for each of the checkpoints that are uncompleted!.

The second 5 are 'stretch goals' - big goals that I could only every dream of doing in the year. For each one of those that I complete, I can give myself £10 for me to spend in any which way that I choose.

Below is a contents list of the 'resolutions' that I hope to achieve in 2019. By clicking on each link, you will be taken to the 2020 me, who will talk you through how I achieved (or how I didn't achieve) the resolution.

5 Musts

  1. Finish Touch Typing Course
  2. Finish Python Course
  3. Get an Official Golf Handicap
  4. Have a 6 Pack (abs)
  5. Converted Website to NodeJS

5 Stretch Goals

  1. Read 50 Books
  2. Pay off £2000 of debt
  3. Run a half marathon
  4. Learn to Juggle
  5. Set up KPS Gaming

#01 : Finish Touch Typing Course



I've always wanted to learn to touch type and I found a really good online resource, typingclub.com, which had 686 different challenges, which give you up to 5 stars per challenge. I got 5 stars in every single one!

Link to the blog post is here

#02 : Finish Python Course


I really want to get into machine learning, and the best coding language currently to do that is Python. So I took a Udemy course to learn Python - and I completed it!

I was thinking that I had to complete a year of Advent of Code using said language, but I'm thinking that I will make that a seperate bucketlist item to complete. Watch this space!

Link to my certificate is [here][http://www.khrishan.co.uk/blogContent/img/kp-python-certificate.jpg]

#03 : Get an Official Golf Handicap


So this one was kind of a given, as all I had to do was submit three golf cards into my golf club to get an official handicap. But this checkpoint was one of those that, on paper, is really easy to do, but you just keep putting it off again and again. So I'm glad I got this one out of the way.

If I'm honest, I'm not really happy what it is, but that's another challenge I can set myself, getting that handicap down!

Link to the Instgram post is here

#04 : Have a 6 Pack (abs)


I guess this is the resolution that EVERYONE sets themselves every January to complete. Safe to say that I haven't got a 6 pack yet.

Although I didn't complete this goal, I did make MASSIVE progress with that, and it all started when I spent 30 days intermittent fasting.

Link to the blog post is here

Those 30 days taught me a lot. Espeically seeing the difference from the beginning of the year, to the end of the year!

#05 : Converted Website to NodeJS


I tried really hard to complete this checkpoint by the end of the year. I just didn't get over the finish line.

I had devised a plan for myself, which was as follows :

[x] Learn NodeJS

[ ] Learn React

[?] Code Website

[?] Deploy to Heroku

[ ] Move stuff from old website to new website

Once I got told I would be made redundant in October, and my work had completely dried up, I spent my time focused on this checkpoint.

I completed my NodeJS Udemy course, which also had a piece on 'How to deploy to Heroku' - which was pretty cool. I then spent time coding the backend of my website - which I have also done. Then I got stuck into my Udemy React course, and thats where things got a little slow.

Ironically, this is one I really really wanted to get done by 2019. But didn't, so this is becoming a priority for 2020.

#06 : Read 50 Books


Okay, hear me out on this one. There was logic behind my thinking. (somehow)

There are 52 weeks in a year - therefore reading 50 books in a year would require reading a book pretty much every week.

So how did I come up with the 50 number?

I was factoring in the amount of time I spent driving, to and from work.

Worst case scenario (or best case depending on how you look at it), it would take me 30 minutes to drive to work. I have to drive there and back, which equals 60 minutes.

I'm working for roughly 48 weeks of the year, 48 x 60 = 2880 minutes worth of audio books!

I was also cheating it a little, where I started to read 'Roald Dahl' books, which were 'short', 'quick' wins of books that I could use to boost my number of books read.

Safe to say that I didn't get into that habit. Also, reading for me is a way to unwind in an evening - which is truly the habit that I want to form.

Again, another one that I will look to 'conquer' in 2020, but perhaps become 'more realistic'.

#07 : Pay off £2000 of debt


TL;DR; I was roughly £8000 in debt at the beginning of the year, and now I'm £6500 (which is a £1500 reduction!).

If it wasn't for the fact that I was on the verge of being made redundant, I would have met the goal.

However, with redundancy comes another very real possibility - watch this space!

#08 : Run a half marathon



Through work, I was able to get free entry to the Basingstoke Half Marathon.

I finished in 2 hours 5 minutes - which I'm happy with, but not so happy with.

Link to the blog post is here.

#09 : Learn to Juggle


I didn't get anywhere near to even trying to complete this one :D. The idea was once I converted my website, I would look to complete this one...

... c'est la vie.

#10 : Set Up KPS Gaming


Again, I didn't get anywhere near completing this checkpoint - but now that I'm looking at the bigger picture. I wouldn't want to create a seperate section, specifically for gaming. I would rather have it incorporated as part of my main blog (and tag those posts as 'Gaming' posts).


So out of the 10 goals that I set, I completed 4 of them. 3 of them are part of my 5 Musts, the other one was part of my stretch goals.

So, as promised, here is my donation to charity. (which so happens to be linked to one of my 2020 goals).

Looking back at the year, I achieved so much! But I felt that my efforts were very spead out among lots of little things - rather than concentrating on one big thing - but that is also the issue with someone like me - who has extremely diverse interests.

Having read Atomic Habits by James Clear (ADD LINK TO BLOG POST ONCE YOU'VE WRITTEN IT), the best way to achieve a goal is to do little things that contribute to that goal.

Looking back at the year, looks like I need to concentrate those little bits.

Watch this space for my 2020 resolutions post.

Thanks for reading :) x


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2paoNvG5Nmo&list=LLH4SIHgBA7HwIrIMLB921CQ&index=124&t=0s https://pixabay.com/illustrations/new-year-2019-happy-new-year-start-3669170/