2018 New Years Resolution

Posted by khrishan on 2017-12-31

There is a lot of crap that comes around at this time of year... a lot of ‘new year, new me’. What tends to happen is that it gets to March and people lose track or give up on their resolution all together.

On the flip side (the side I agree on), what’s the problem with having a lot of ‘short term’ goals. I can relate it to software engineering - rather than trying to solve one big problem - you divide it into smaller problems. (Divide and conquer?)

Back to New Years Resolutions, what about having a monthly goals? Quarterly goals? There is evidence to suggest that you are more inclined to meet smaller, more frequent goals, that you are big long term ones - cause you can see the finishing line a lot more clearer with a short term goal.

Having said ALL THAT, my New Years resolution is a long term one 😂 - but I have ways of reducing it down to smaller achievable goals.

So here we go..

My Overall New Years Resolution :


To get my golf handicap down to 18.


(It’s currently 28).


Now for those who have seen Rick and Morty (Season 1, Episode 5) - lowering ones handicap isn’t that simple. For example, its not that easy so Meeseeks can help you with it - and it seems extremely ambitious.

I’ve heard the logic before of ‘Well if you aim for the Sun, hit the moon and thats still a success) - in my head thats still failing (you aimed/planned for the sun - and didn’t get there?!)

But with golf handicaps - I think its okay to follow the logic above - having a 20 handicap is still better than a 28 - and there are signs of improvement.

The Breakdown

Now there are lots of spinning plates that can help me achieve this goal. + Better clubs, + more practice, + being fitter, + lessons + etc etc etc - the list goes on…

I haven’t worked out the whole plan in detail yet - but I’m just taking baby steps at the moment. Even though I’m currently at 28, I know deep in my heart I can play better than that. Also, I need a baseline to work from :)

In addition to this ‘main resolution’, I have my Bucketlist that has things that I need to do to check off. There will of course be more blog posts, Twitter posts on how this all going. Watch this space :)

Thanks for reading :) x